Ecer Technology(china), Google’s Global Premier Partner

As Google’s Global Premier Partner

Leading 97% of companies for 7 consecutive years

Google Search Advertising Innovation Award

In 2018

Keyword technology Google official website recommendation

In 2016

Google Search, Display, Video, Shopping Specialization Certification

Meta business partner

Since 2019

DV360 platform

The only partner in the mainland China

Ecer Technology is an authorized agent of Google Ads and DV360

Ecer Technology is an premier global partner of Google and an official authorized agent of Google

Ecer Technology has more than 70 officially certified SEM professionals from Google.

The Google partner badge indicates that your agent is an Adwords authorized partner. Better agencies will get the Google Premier Partner badge.

Ecer Technology is the only official partner of Google Display & Video 360 in China.

Ecer Technology has professional Display & Video 360 technical service team.

Google Display & Video 360 is designed to help medium and large brands develop global digital brand marketing services.

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